Upgrades that Boost the Exterior and Curb Appeal of a Home


Your home’s curb appeal is very important. It determines the first impression that people make about your home. It can also make a buyer interested in your home when you decide to sell it. Attractive landscaping means that you have maintained your home properly. It’s, therefore, not surprising that landscape maintenance can increase the chances of selling a home. Here are some of the upgrades that will boost the exterior and curb appeal of your home. 

Stone Veneer Addition to the Front of a House 

Replacing the vinyl siding band of 300 square feet from the bottom third with adhered stone veneer on the street-facing façade costs around $9,537. However, this will cover around 95% of this price when reselling a house. 

Dynamic colors and slim lines are great options. You can also go for rounded texture options when it comes to stone products. 

Garage Door Replacement 

The installation of a quality garage door will pay off when a motorized opener is reused. You can recoup around 95% of the cost when you resell your home. Nevertheless, you should ensure that your garage door is replaced by a qualified and experienced professional. 

Installation of a Steel Door 

Install a steel door at the entry to your home. And, you can recover between 69% and 91% of the upgrade cost when you sell your home. Most buyers appreciate the low maintenance, cold-blocking power, and energy-efficiency of a steel door. 

Repainting Your House 

Repainting the entire house can be a challenge for homeowners with tight budgets. However, you can touch up any chips or flaking. Pressure-washing the exterior will also remove mold and dirt. Even painting the trim and front door can enhance the look and value of your home. 

Other upgrades that will boost the exterior and curb appeal of your home include pruning shrubs, mowing the lawn, and planting some trees in your compound. These upgrades will enhance the look of your home and enhance the chance of selling it fast and at a higher price.