Essential Traits of a Construction Company


David Wynn, the top provider for sod in san antonio says to us in a recent podcast, that tou need the help of a reputable construction company to end up with the house or home of your dreams. Ideally, the construction company you work with plays a vital role in determining the results. Therefore, a construction company should possess certain traits and distinct qualities for you to entrust them with your construction projects, whether commercial, residential, or industrial. This article covers the best attributes of a good construction company. 

 Better Workmanship

Any good construction project should have a diverse team of workers with relevant skills. This team should include: 

  • Project Manager
  • Crew foreman
  • Machinery operators
  • Safety inspectors
  • Architects.
  • Truck drivers

This crew should comprise professionals only. Therefore, a good construction company should have a strict recruiting and hiring process. 

 Risk Management

The best construction company should protect their customers from any harm that may arise, whether an accident or a lawsuit. A risk management strategy is a vital element of a good construction company. Also, look for a financially stable construction company that can handle any risk without interfering with your project’s progress.

 Extensive Experience and Success

A construction company with extensive experience in the construction field knows what you need and how to provide it. Essentially, knowledge creates a difference in construction. Therefore, ask the construction company you want to hire to provide a proven track record of their success. Some will even present pictures of every project they’ve completed. Also, consider viewing their portfolios and checking the referees.

 Modern Equipment and Technology

A good construction company should possess modern equipment and technology. That way, the firm can complete every project faster and meet the highest quality standards.

 Understanding what makes a good construction company is essential when looking for a house builder. Choose a reputable contractor with the above traits to achieve your construction project goals. 



How Renovations That Will Boost your Home’s Value

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Remodeling can be a considerable undertaking, whether preparing for a move or simply looking to update your home. So, knowing whether the reward will be worth the effort is essential. Knowing which renovations will provide the best return on investment is critical so that when the time comes to sell, you can demand a higher price. Finally, you’ll want to make the best home improvements to increase the value of your home. Before deciding on a remodeling project, weigh the cost versus the worth and determine whether the renovation is a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

Renovate Your Kitchen

Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, functionality is paramount. Kitchen renovation can be exciting and satisfying, especially if tailored to your needs and desires. Realtors estimate that homeowners can recoup up to 52 percent of the cost of a kitchen upgrade when they sell their home.

Bathroom Renovation

A newly renovated bathroom is a significant selling point for any home. When remodeling, incorporate sleek surfaces for a sparkling space that is easy to clean. Adding a second bathroom raises the value of the house.

Upgrade Your Home’s HVAC System

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in your home keep everything running. These are some of the essential items to keep in good condition. Furthermore, realtors estimate that if a homeowner sells their home, they can recoup 85 percent of the cost of an HVAC replacement.

Replace Your Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is one of the most straightforward home improvement projects that will increase the value of your home. You’ll be surprised at how inviting, user-friendly, well-placed pools of warm light can make your home. Consider design and function when selecting the right light fixtures for your rooms.

Make an Addition

Why should your house not grow with your family? Consider adding on to your home to increase its value and square footage. Maximize your investment by choosing the suitable materials and details to increase the value and character of your home.

Construction Project Types

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Deciding on the type of construction project is the most crucial part of any real estate investment. Ideally, knowing about your construction project will help you determine when to start and ensure cost-effective and timely completion. This article will look at different construction projects with varying characteristics and requirements.

 Commercial Projects

Commercial projects are for business purposes, and their funding is mainly from the local and national governments. However, some individual investors and groups can invest in these projects. They include various developments, such as schools, sports arenas, stadiums, and hospitals.

 Private Projects

As the word suggests, private parties run, own, and commission these projects, not the government. These can be individual investors or people that want to build homes. They have varying shapes and sizes. Thus, it’s necessary to look at the nature of the work done to categorize it. 

Private projects include;

  • Private schools
  • Private hospitals
  • Nonprofit organization buildings 
  • Homes 

 Industrial Projects

These projects require a high level of specialization, planning, construction, and design skills. They aim to gain profit and industrial business.

Residential projects

Residential projects can be single-family homes where builders handle all the projects, including construction and design. Large family homes are designed by engineers and architects, while subcontractors hired by the construction projects complete the electrical and mechanical work.

Residential projects involve building structures for housing people, supplies, and equipment. Also, they entail the repair and installation of utilities. The construction company commissions a residential project.

State Construction projects 

Typically, these are government-funded construction projects that come in different shapes and sizes. These projects are quite complex and could be as simple as constructing a public school.

 Above are the most common types of construction projects today. Each of these projects requires professionals to deliver the desired results.

Costly Construction Mistakes to Be Wary About


While mistakes are common in all professionals, some can be costly, especially in construction. You can avoid these mistakes to ensure that your project sticks to its budget when you know these mistakes. What’s more, avoiding these errors will enable you to end up with a home that provides comfort, energy efficiency, and better overall quality. Here are costly construction mistakes to avoid in your building project.

Not Setting a Clear Budget

Before meeting a contractor or an architect, determine the amount you can afford to pay for the construction project. That way, the contractor will help you choose the home you can build based on your budget. What’s more, you’ll avoid paying the architect to revise the plan. Ideally, detailed budgeting will streamline your construction project and save you money that you’d spend on plan revision.

Getting One Estimate

Don’t feel uncomfortable about the idea of requesting estimates from different contractors. Professional contractors know that homeowners take their time to research construction before deciding on the builder to hire. Therefore, don’t settle on a contractor once they give you an estimate. Also, don’t select a contractor based on their quote only. Instead, consider other factors like their past projects, experience, and referrals.

Hiring the Wrong Contractor

Hiring an uninsured or unbonded contractor means authorities will hold you liable if something goes wrong during the project. Therefore, choose a contractor with the right insurance and license. Remember that insurance and bonding are different things. However, a good contractor should have both.

Not Asking Questions

If you have concerns about your construction project, don’t keep quiet. Remember that this is your investment, and you deserve to get the most from it. Additionally, a good contractor will answer all questions you may have about your project. And this will enable you to avoid expensive mistakes.

Building a home is a dream investment for most people. Pay attention to what happens throughout the project to avoid these costly mistakes.

Construction Upgrades that Boost Home Value

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When purchasing homes, most people value ample space. That means most homebuyers consider square footage when deciding to buy a house. When the real estate sector is down, researching home improvements that add value to a property becomes crucial. Ideally, not every home upgrade can add value to your house. Here are construction upgrades that will boost your home value.

Finishing the Basement

When selling a house, an unfinished basement can fetch a higher price in the market. That’s because home buyers know they can add value to the house by finishing the basement. Finishing a basement can cost you $20,000 or even more, depending on the basement’s square footage. However, completing it will add up to $50,000 to the asking price of your home. Finishing a basement entails adding paint, installing drywall and flooring. You can also enhance comfort in the basement with baseboard heaters addition.

Open Up Your Floor Plan

Demolishing the right walls will create a spacious layout that most homebuyers look for when shopping for houses. Ideally, most buyers prefer partially or entirely open designs around the dining room, living room, and kitchen. That’s because these designs allow more light to naturally enter a home while making the house feel more spacious.

Change the Garage Door

You can upgrade the garage door without replacing the motorized opener. That way, you’ll increase your home’s value by replacing the current door with something modern.

Deck Installation

It’s no secret that many people love outdoor living spaces these days. Perhaps, that’s because most people stay at home instead of going on vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, a backyard or a deck attracts most prospective homebuyers, thereby improving the home’s resale value. The amount you’ll spend on this project will depend on factors like the furniture and décor you’ll add to the deck.

Other construction upgrades that can boost your home’s value include new exterior paint, changing old toilets, installing energy-efficient appliances, and changing old fixtures.

Unconventional Safety Tips for Construction Sites from Experts


When a fatality occurs, criminal charges can be brought against a contractor, a subcontractor, or the project owner if found responsible. In simple terms, somebody must be held responsible whenever an accident occurs at a construction site. That’s why ensuring the safety of all the parties involved in a construction project is paramount. But, how do you ensure the safety of everyone at a construction site? Here are unconventional safety tips for construction sites from experts. 

Use Creative Demonstrations to Communicate Safety Messages 

Some people take safety messages for granted when communicated via ordinary methods. To ensure that people take safety important, use creative demonstrations to communicate. For instance, you can start meetings by telling your construction crew about safety.  You can request some crew members to demonstrate how they can provide first aid to a person that gets an injury at the site. 

Make Sure that Every Worker Wears Protective Gear 

This may sound obvious but it’s not. Often than not, some construction workers forget the importance of protective gear, especially when it gets too hot at the construction site. Unfortunately, workers that do not have protective gear will be injured the most if an accident occurs. 

It’s, therefore, important to always remind construction workers to wear jackets, helmets, and safety boots among others. You can even go the extra mile to explain the importance of protective gear to your workers. 

Invest in Crucial Equipment 

Investing in the right equipment ensures that workers are always safe when working. For instance, make sure that your workers have full-body harnesses when working high up. Also, invest in quality ladders. Make sure that your workers know how to use the equipment. You should also test the equipment before you use it to ensure that it’s working properly. 

In addition to these safety tips, you should keep workers calm at the construction sites. Avoid conflicts that may lead to physical confrontations and eventual injuries or even fatalities.

Upgrades that Boost the Exterior and Curb Appeal of a Home


Your home’s curb appeal is very important. It determines the first impression that people make about your home. It can also make a buyer interested in your home when you decide to sell it. Attractive landscaping means that you have maintained your home properly. It’s, therefore, not surprising that landscape maintenance can increase the chances of selling a home. Here are some of the upgrades that will boost the exterior and curb appeal of your home. 

Stone Veneer Addition to the Front of a House 

Replacing the vinyl siding band of 300 square feet from the bottom third with adhered stone veneer on the street-facing façade costs around $9,537. However, this will cover around 95% of this price when reselling a house. 

Dynamic colors and slim lines are great options. You can also go for rounded texture options when it comes to stone products. 

Garage Door Replacement 

The installation of a quality garage door will pay off when a motorized opener is reused. You can recoup around 95% of the cost when you resell your home. Nevertheless, you should ensure that your garage door is replaced by a qualified and experienced professional. 

Installation of a Steel Door 

Install a steel door at the entry to your home. And, you can recover between 69% and 91% of the upgrade cost when you sell your home. Most buyers appreciate the low maintenance, cold-blocking power, and energy-efficiency of a steel door. 

Repainting Your House 

Repainting the entire house can be a challenge for homeowners with tight budgets. However, you can touch up any chips or flaking. Pressure-washing the exterior will also remove mold and dirt. Even painting the trim and front door can enhance the look and value of your home. 

Other upgrades that will boost the exterior and curb appeal of your home include pruning shrubs, mowing the lawn, and planting some trees in your compound. These upgrades will enhance the look of your home and enhance the chance of selling it fast and at a higher price.

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